Friday, October 24, 2008

The Fort Worth Stockyards

My friend Patty and I took 4 boys to the Stockyards today to take the Stamptini Girls merchandise to the store there. I LOVE the Stockyards. This weekend they are having a cowboy convention! I could have stayed all weekend just people watching! My hubby knows I love him more then anything, but I kinda' like cowboys and firemen too! :)

There was lots of action there today.....lots of horses, steer, cowboys and there was a chuck wagon parade. If you are wanting something fun to do some weekend head over to the Stockyards!
Here is a picture of the store where we have a couple items for sale. The name of the store is DePa Designs. They have handmade jewelry and woodworking items. It's a neat little shop!! Stop in if you are ever at the Stockyards!!

Here is a closeup shot of our items in the store.


Alisa said...

Ooo, it's been a long time since I've been down to the stockyards! Ladies, you're stuff looks fabulous in the shop!

Anonymous said...

The set up looks great! You know, I was born and raised here in Texas and I've never been to the stockyards!

Stamptini Girls said...

OK Jennifer.....that's just not right!! We will have to go one day!! Seriously....that just ain't right!! :)